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I like to travel in the United States and all over the world.
Recent trips:
My top Hog fish - 24" ~9lbs. I like to go scuba diving, lobstering and spearfishing with my friends from the SFSC on the beautiful South Florida reefs. "Big Boy" - Yellowfin Grouper, 37 lbs, 35" "Reggie"
Bruce tickling a lobsterMy dive buddy Bruce is showing how to catch a lobster.
Ready to jump in - Tech DiveI also like to go out diving  tech dives to wrecks.

Riding in Montana

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Rides  Dresden'11  NY'09   France'08   Azores'07  Colorado'06   Montana'06   Peru'06   China'06   Mesa Pictures'05   Pictures '00   Pictures '99   Pictures '98    Reef Pictures
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