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After some great diving aboard the Mighty Joe - February '99

Nice lobster Nice lobster What a nice lobster - he's sitting on my coffee table now !

Bruce, Martina and lobster Bruce, Martina and the boat catch of a day.

Trip to the Marchesas aboard M/V Playmate - March 7-9 '99

Sheri and her cobia Sheri and her 49 lbs cobia
Richard showing his 32 inch black grouperRichard showing his grouper Tom and his lobster

Tom and his 9 lbs lobster

Norm and his nice hog and Tom's lobster Norm

group picture Group picture: Norm, Paul, Tom, Sheri, Richard, Martina and the catch of 3 days - lobster, grouper, hog fish, yellow jacks and a cobia - we ate it all and it tasted really good.




Dry Tortugas Trip with the SFSC - 3 days aboard the Tiburon, August 13-15 '99

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Coming up with a full bagComing up with a full bag




Trip to the Dry Tortugas aboard M/V Playmate - August 30 - September 1 '99

martina-bg-sm.GIF (10077 bytes) My first black grouper
martina-yfg-sm.GIF (12419 bytes) My second "black" grouper - a yellowfin grouper, 37 lbs, 35" ma-sh-pa-rob-sm.GIF (12043 bytes) Sheri, Paul and Rob had a good day too


me-sh-pa-sm.GIF (13876 bytes) Back at the dock - Melanie, the best mate afloat helping Sheri and Paul show off their fish

group picture time - Sheri, Paul, Johnny, Martina, Rob, Danny with some "prize" catches.

playmate-grp-sm.GIF (13460 bytes) 

This trip my black grouper hunting (finally) came together. I saw them, didn't get too excited (they feel that and scoot), stalked them - and hit them just before they tried to dash away. On the last dive of the trip I ended up with two more decent size blacks. Thanks to Bob for giving us those great drops - we'll be back for more.

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