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March 00 aboard the Island Magic

bbjm-sm.jpg (17404 bytes) after a goodd day of hunting and lobstering.

mar312000-sm.jpg (18909 bytes) 3/31/00 - last day of season
maxing out the boat limit one more time.

September 00 aboard M/V Playmate

tort009-grouper.jpg (17363 bytes)  tort009-mutton2.jpg (21795 bytes)
... a nice grouper and my biggest mutton snapper to date.

October 00 Tortugas aboard M/V Playmate

mr-group.jpg (40558 bytes)
Norm, Bruce, Martina, Tom, Parke, Holger, Sheri and Maurice

They lined us up several times to get some decent pictures, so here it goes ....

mr1.jpg (18707 bytes) mr7.jpg (16599 bytes)

mr2.jpg (19245 bytes)  mr3.jpg (20130 bytes)

mr4.jpg (21227 bytes)  mr5.jpg (18319 bytes) 

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